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Project Description
LG TV Remote for Desktop

This is an example of communication with LG TV (User-Agent: Linux/3.0.13 UPnP/1.0 LGEDLNASDK/1.6.0)
Tested on LG TV 42LA620V-ZA

Tips for using this app:

Step 1: Sure your TV is On. Launch app. Discovery routine will start automatically. When TV found, you get IP and port to communicate.
Step 2: Get the pairing key by pressing button "Show Pairing Key". The key will appear ot the TV screen for a while.
Step 3: Enter the Key and press Button "SendKey". TV will authorize you and return some session token for your app.
Step 4: Now you can use Volume and Channel buttons.

Big thanx for ideas, research and code to

List of available commands you can get here:

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